Composite decking is preferred by more homeowners than timber decking for its durability and low-maintenance requirements. However, composite decks require some maintenance.

Composite decking Melbourne has become a popular choice for decking. It is made of a combination of recycled wood fibres as well as plastic. It is made from a mixture of plastic and wood fibres and can withstand a lot of abuse.

Even though maintaining composite decking doesn’t take much time or work, you should still take care of it to keep the material looking beautiful and ensure that it lasts as long as it should.

Our Top Tips To Maintain Your Composite Deck’s Beauty:

Keep Those Gaps Clear:

As temperature changes, composite decking boards expand and contract.

To allow for growth, most manufacturers recommend leaving an expansion gap of 5mm at each end of the boards during installation. These gaps will prevent the boards from expanding if there is debris in them. The boards will then split or curl.

Be sure to watch the ends of your decking boards. You can remove any foreign items with a blunt, thin instrument. Use a spatula and putty knives.

Keep Fire Away:

The majority of composite decking boards include a high amount of recycled plastic. Your deck can be damaged by direct and indirect heat sources such as barbecue grills, fireplaces and firepits. A heat source such as a fire pit or cooking on your composite deck should be blocked by an insulating layer.

You can take, for instance. A thick sheet of compressed fibre cement should be placed underneath a fire pit in order to protect your deck against radiant heat. You can also place a rubber mat underneath your BBQ to prevent hot oil drips from charcoal.

Prevent Deep Scratches:

Composite decking should be fairly scratch resistant. We have found them all to be to some degree.

Some brands of composite decking are more susceptible to scratching than others. However, any composite decking brand can be damaged if it’s not used properly.

To protect your investment and maintain its beauty, take sensible steps.

Your chairs and tables will be supported by rubber or felt pads. You can place a rubber mat on the deck’s entrance if there are many small stones around your yard.

To sum it all up, you need to take all the precautions that you would for indoor floors to keep your composite deck in great condition.

Clean Up Spills Instantly:

It is important to immediately remove any food, grease, or oil spillages. Spray the area with a soapy solution and then scrub it using a soft bristle toothbrush as soon as you can. While mould won’t grow on composite decks, it will survive on any food debris you leave behind. To prevent harmful fungi from growing on your deck, keep it clean.

Don’t Use Sharp Tools To Clean: 

Dirt and grime, whether it’s from your shoes or a pot of flowers, can build up over time on your deck. Regular sweeping will remove dirt and grime, but you can also use mild soap and water to scrub stubborn particles. Avoid using sharp-edged tools to clean deck surfaces as this can cause permanent damage.

Remove Standing Water

Composite decking resists water and the rot that is associated with timber decking. But, it is important to keep standing water out of your composite decking. To grow mildew or mould, they need moisture, warmth, and water. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce standing water. To reduce the risk of mildew or mould buildup, you can redirect downspouts from your decking. You can also ventilate the underside of your deck.

Sweep, mop, Or Wash Regularly

A deck sweep once or twice a month is an easy way to protect it. You can reduce the amount of dirt and pebbles that can get stuck to the deck’s grain, which can cause scratches and stains.

We recommend that you use dishwashing detergent occasionally for occasional mopping. You can also use a pressure washer to clean your deck. Make sure you don’t place your nozzle too close to the boards. A deck that is well maintained and kept clean will last longer. It will also look great for many years. Decking Melbourne is here to answer your questions about composite decking. We are always happy to help you with any questions. For the installation of composite decking in Melbourne, give us a call today.